Friday, February 24, 2017

'Media not doing good job in calling out anti-lgbt hate groups' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Major Publications Fail To Identify Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups In Transgender Policy Coverage - We clearly have more work to do because this problem isn't simply about transgender issues. There is a reluctance in much of the media to call anti-lgbt hate groups what they are. I'm not of the mindset of some in my community about denying these groups a platform. I don't think it should be a platform where they are allowed to spew their litany of lies without challenged by a pro-lgbt spokesperson. And I also don't think the media should turn an invisible eye to these groups. They call them to respond on issues but rarely is there any story or article focused on the tactics of anti-lgbt groups. That HAS to stop.

2013 booklet on anti-lgbt groups
Speaking of which:

 How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right Lie on Gay America - my free online booklet on anti-lgbt hate groups and their tactics. Published in 2013, it is still relevant today seeing that Trump is working hand-in-hand with some of these groups and spokespeople. I have a feeling that the booklet will be needed a lot before it's all over.  

Transgender Republicans say Trump seriously failed his first LGBT litmus test - Transgender attendees at CPAC. Lawd hammercy!  

Why On-Screen Representation Actually Matters - Seeing people's lives mean a lot. And it's not solely an lgbt issue.

  Arkansas Supreme Court strikes down pro-LGBT city ordinance - Siiiiigh!

Stop Using Women And Girls To Justify Transphobia - PREEACH!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Transgender cub scout makes more sense about 'bathroom' nonsense than Trump & religious right

No matter what anyone in the Trump Administration says, the protection of transgender students is a federal issue. And whether some folks like the comparison or not (and I don't really give a crap if they don't), claiming that this is an issue best served by the states is not unlike folks who claimed that segregation was state's right issue issue.

And let's be clear as to why some folks are trying to claim that the protection of transgender students is a state's rights issue. They don't want to have to deal with the courts and have their lies exposes again; just like their lies were exposed about sodomy laws and marriage equality.

But this issue, and the issue of transgender rights in general has led me to take a new tact in communicating to people. It's a process I call "hand over." I could rail and raise hell, but I don't think it would be right for me to do that in cases where I should hand over the spotlight to folks everyone needs to hear from, which is in this case members of the transgender community.

And specifically, transgender children:

News brief special - Trans kids embraced by schools, celebrities, & business community after abandoned by Trump Administration

States Vow To Keep Protecting Transgender Students After Trump Rolls Back Rules - Wonderful! Transgender children need to know who has their back. 

'You Are Not Alone': Celebs Stand Up For Trans Kids After White House Drops Civil Rights Protections - I generally think we rely too much on celebrity as a community. In this case, however, it is VERY necessary. 

 Tech opens new war with Trump over transgender rights rollback - TAKE. HIS. ASS. TO. SCHOOL!  

CNN conservative flops when challenged to explain where Obama’s trans bathroom rule has hurt kids - THIS is gold right here! 

Gavin Grimm To Trump: Transgender Students Just Want To Learn In Peace - Listen the children before you believe the lies.

 7 times Trump and his cabinet lied about their plans for LGBT rights - Okay, can we stop with the "Trump is good for gays" lie. If this man will turn his back on our transgender children, we are all in the bulls-eye.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

These are the transgender children you are going to hurt, Donald Trump

This mess Trump did in rescinding transgender student protections is bogus, ratcheted and basically a big bunch of bull. It stems from religious right propaganda and false stories about transgender predators scoping out girl's restrooms or parading themselves in the shower. It's not unlike the religious right propaganda (which is still used in many circles) which falsely portray lgbts as "recruiting children."  And in this particular case, it's devastatingly ironic because those who will be hurt by Trump's action are children. They are the transgender children whose voices are usually drowned out by the lies propagated by the religious right, Fox News, and the conservative right in general.  The following videos feature just a few of the many. See their faces, hear their stories, and educate yourselves on the issues of the transgender community.

'Federal judge sues using anti-lgbt 'religious liberty' card' & other Wed midday news briefs

Refusing to Watch LGBT Video, Houston Judge Sues Employer for Religious Discrimination - The lgbt community must take a hard stance against so-called "religious liberty" laws and not be swayed by the illusion that it's simply about bakeries and florists. These laws can bleed into cases of federal and state employees who want to take our tax dollars while refusing to do their jobs; from refusing to issue wedding licenses (hello Kim Davis) to, in this case, refusing to watch a video on how to treat us fairly. 

When Did Christians Become Comfortable with the Loss of Truth? - Not necessarily an lgbt issue per se, but it has a lot to do with us. When you have groups like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association steering people who label themselves as "Christians" into an entire train of thought which include lies and distortions, we have a serious problem with the faith itself. And very few are aware of this. 

 Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg gave misleading testimony at hearing on 'ex-gay' therapy - My post from last night.

 Same-Sex Marriage Laws Linked To Powerful Drop In Teen Suicide Rate - I already sent a link about this, but it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. This is why marriage equality is important. When our lgbt children see a more inclusive society and people fighting for a more inclusive society, it means the world to them. Never forget that. 

 This Republican Congressman Has A Plan To Help LGBT Renters And Homebuyers - Yeah, I know. The GOP is generally awful towards the lgbt community. This guy though seems credible in what he is attempting.  

49 People Tell Us When They Realised Being Open About Their Sexuality Mattered - Wonderful stories to inspire folks about being their authentic selves, particularly young lgbts.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg gave misleading testimony at hearing on 'ex-gay' therapy

Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council

Today, the Family Research Council bragged in its  Washington Update about testimony given by spokesman Peter Sprigg in New Hampshire. The testimony in question had to do with a bill banning ex-gay therapy for children. Ex-gay therapy is controversial in that it is supposed to be able to change one's sexual orientation.. States, such as California, Oregon, and New Jersey have passed laws against the practice, citing critics who contend that it is actual harmful. But FRC and other religious right groups have pushed back with testimony at legislative hearings:

In New Hampshire, it's double-your-trouble with two bills meant to take away freedom under the mask of "tolerance." The first is a bill that bans sexual reorientation therapy for children under 18, robbing parents of a crucial choice to help their confused kids. As if that weren't bad enough, liberals are also trying to award special rights on the basis of gender identity -- including using the government to punish businesses that designate bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers for men only and women only. FRC's Peter Sprigg was on hand in the Granite State to testify before the legislature on both attacks on locals' liberty. As he explained, the attacks on reorientation therapy usually have nothing to do with their effectiveness and everything to do with politics. And, as Peter points out, there is abundant anecdotal evidence that such therapies work. . . . Even the increasingly liberal American Psychological Association admits that "participants reporting beneficial effects in some studies perceived changes to their sexuality, such as in their sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual behavior, [and/or] sexual orientation identity." (To read Peter's full testimony, click here.)

I read Sprigg's testimony and found a few problems with his sources and claims.

'Trump rumoured to be rescinding transgender student protections' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Trump's possible next move will harm transgender students.

Trump admin to rescind trans student protections: source - The right calls US bullies but have no problem with actions which harm our transgender children under the false guise of "safety."  This will NOT stand. 

Julian Assange Defends Milo Yiannopoulos as Breitbart Mulls Dismissal - One fool defends another.

 Arkansas’ ‘bathroom bill’ is ripping apart Republican politics - As it SHOULD. 

Bryan Fischer: Court Ruling Against Anti-Gay Florist Is A Modern-Day Kristallnacht - Geez, Bryan Fischer. How disgustingly hyperbolic does one have to be? 

People Are Loving How This Rapper Helped Out A Gay Teen After He Was Kicked Out Of His Home - WONDERFUL story!

Milo Yiannopoulos is getting exactly what he deserves

Milo Yiannopoulos

By now, the vast majority of us know the particulars of the downfall of one Milo Yiannopoulos.

The British self-described gay "super villain" troll of the right traded racist, transphobic, Islamophobic and misogynistic rhetoric for extreme controversy, intense anger, a lucrative book deal, and much undeserved popularity. But now it may be all gone because of the one thing which ironically led to it all.

His mouth.

 He is now just another example of how the past can bite one in the ass and how it's not good to make too many enemies. Milo, for those who don't know, is facing an ugly backlash because of an interview in which he defended pedophilia. The backlash in question has left the communities he victimized in joy, the conservative community (particularly the folks at CPAC, the big gathering of conservatives in which he was going to give the keynote address) very embarrassed, and Milo himself defiant.

Never one for "going gentle into that good night," Milo has been contrite but stern in insisting that this incident won't stop him. In fact today, he is holding a press conference, in which I'm sure there will be an intensely contrite performance.

Give me a break. Granted, I'm not happy over anyone's downfall but if anyone had it coming, it was Milo. Flippant, nasty, hateful, and an all-around drag, that chyle brought me down faster than being trapped listening to a Bryan Fischer speech.

Basically, Milo should hush. He got exactly what he deserved. He not only demonized innocents but, worse than that, he was a religious right wet dream. He was everything they claimed the lgbt community to be and then some - caustic, flippant, shallow, materialistic, mean, immoral, and oversexed down his badly dyed hair.

The young man is now learning a hard, but necessary lesson that there are some things you can't joke about. And when you busy yourself deliberately making enemies, you lose sight of the fact that there will be times in which you need friends.

Most of all, Milo is learning that "super villains" lose and lose big.  As they are supposed to.

Friday, February 17, 2017

'Biggest myth about anti-lgbt hate groups debunked' & other Fri midday news briefs

The Biggest Myth About Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups Debunked - If I said it once, I've said a multitude of times. Lgbt equality will be harder and harder to attain IF we don't start taking anti-lgbt groups seriously. And aggressively calling them out BEFORE they smear us. We should encourage discussion and debate instead of whining about "a bigot being given a platform." Platforms are great places to fight battles AND change narratives. And one narrative we must change is how they claim their opposition to us is Biblically based. THAT is the ugliest lie of them all. Don't argue about it amongst yourselves. Just trust me on this one. 

Texas Lieutenant Governor Works with Hate Group to Drum Up Support for Anti-Trans "Bathroom Bill" - Government officials working with anti-lgbt hate groups is ugly. Again, stop pussyfooting around with these groups. And "street protests" alone aren't going to cut it this time. 

 The Plot To Turn Same-Sex Marriage Into Second-Class Marriage - THIS is the warning. 

 Pat Robertson: Anyone Who Opposes Trump Is ‘Revolting Against God’s Plan’ For America - No! No! That's not how this works AT ALL! 

Why President Trump Isn’t Anti-Gay Enough for the Religious Right - Don't worry. I'm sure he is working his way to screwing with us.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

You do not have a First Amendment right to discriminate against the lgbt community. DEAL with it.

Sorry Ms. Stutzman. You do not have a religious right to discriminate

As the news of today's ruling against Barronelle Stutzman (the florist who a Washington state court told that she does not have a right to discriminate against a gay couple)  travels, the usual cast of characters screaming about "religious freedom" and the right to discriminate against lgbts are sounding their horns:

 Family Research Council president Tony Perkins:
After this morning's decision, (Baronelle Stutzman) was stunned. "I'm not asking for anything that our Constitution hasn't promised me and every other American: the right to create freely, and to live out my faith without fear of government punishment or interference." Americans like Barronelle were told repeatedly that redefining marriage wouldn't impact their lives. Now, two years into this social experiment forced on the country by the courts, families are being driven from their businesses -- and today, their homes -- for wanting the same tolerance the Left preaches. Barronelle's attorney, Alliance Defending Freedom's (ADF) Kristen Waggoner, was blown away by the injustice.
"In a free America, people with differing beliefs must have room to coexist," she said. "Our nation has a long history of protecting the right to dissent, but simply because Barronelle disagrees with the state about marriage, the government and ACLU have put at risk everything she owns... It's no wonder that so many people are rightly calling on President Trump to sign an executive order to protect our religious freedom to prevent the federal government from persecuting Christians the way rogue state actors in states like Washington are doing. Because that freedom is clearly at risk for Barronelle and so many other Americans, and because no executive order can fix all of the threats to that freedom, we will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear this case and reverse this grave injustice."

Ken Pazton, Texas Attorney General:
 "The First Amendment guarantees the liberty to speak freely, and the fundamental right to disagree. The government cannot force individuals to create art against their conscience and deeply held religious beliefs. Today's display of intolerance by the Washington State Supreme Court both defies the Constitution and seeks to outlaw the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Compelling individuals to speak messages against their sincerely held beliefs is un-American and unconstitutional."

You know how I feel about it. This entire "religious liberty" argument is a bogus piece of nonsense perpetrated by phony moral groups and fed to gullible individuals -  both parties being too stubborn to admit the fact that they lost fair and square against marriage equality in our court of laws. This argument is not just about florists. Just where do you draw the line? Let's say that today, florists and bakers are given the right to refuse potential lgbt customers. How do we know that it won't be restaurants, hospitals or apartment complexes tomorrow?

'Court rules against florist who discriminated against gay couple' & other Thur midday news briefs

Court rules florist Barronelle Stutzman cannot use 'religious liberty' excuse to discriminate.

Washington Supreme Court rules against florist who discriminated against same-sex couple - This JUST came in. It was a high profile case and it could give Trump an excuse to sign a so-called "religious liberty" executive order. I almost wish he would. I've had a rotten attitude since he was elected and I know the lgbt community have been primed to start fighting. It would be almost a sin to get all worked up for nothing. Bring it on! 

Laverne Cox References ‘Hidden Figures’ To Make Powerful Point About Trans Rights - And it was ON POINT. 

 Carol Swain Can’t Go Out In Public With Her Female Friends Without Wondering ‘Do People Think We’re Gay?’ - Girlfriend, what? For those who don't know, Swain affiliates herself with the anti-lgbt hate group the Family Research Council.

  First-ever UN LGBT rights watchdog seeks ‘open’ dialogue - It's good to know that even Trump can't stop progress.  

Business alliances forming across the U.S. to argue for LGBT+ inclusion - Remember the point of the last news brief? Good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Newly crowned anti-lgbt hate group peddles deceptive video on 'religious freedom'

According to Media Matters, the Southern Poverty Law Center named the Alliance Defending Freedom as an official anti-lgbt hate group. Media Matters breaks down 10 facts you should know about ADF.

They are listed below and should you want further information, go this very thorough link:

1. SPLC Labeled ADF A Hate Group Because Of Its Extreme, Demonizing Lies About LGBT People.

 2. ADF Boasts A $48 Million-Plus Annual Budget And Over 3,000 “Allied Attorneys.” - Editor's note: Let met just break in here because I want to address those folks who constantly claim that if we ignore anti-lgbt groups and their actions, they will go away. When an organization has a budget of over $48 million and over 3,000 attorneys dedicated to eradicating your equality, it is not going ANYWHERE.

 3. ADF Defended The Constitutionality Of Criminalizing Gay Sex In The U.S.

4. ADF Has Expanded Its Anti-Choice, Anti-LGBTQ Extemism Internationally.

 5. ADF Is Behind The National Push For Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Laws. 

 6. ADF Is Leading The National Campaign For “Bathroom Bills” Targeting Transgender Youth.

 7. An ADF Attorney Once Called Matthew Shepard’s Murder A Hate Crime Hoax.

 8. ADF Believes In A “Homosexual Agenda” Dedicated To Destroying Christianity. 

9. ADF Has Long Opposed Anti-Bullying Efforts In Schools And Even Launched The “Day Of Truth” To Combat The “Day Of Silence.”

 10. ADF Wields Significant Power In The U.S. Legal System.

But if you want a general idea of how deceptive ADF is, check out the following video the organization posted asking Trump to "defend" the practice of "religious freedom," i.e. allowing people and businesses to discriminate against lgbts and in some cases, still be able to receive tax dollars. The video is 47 seconds and is very straightforward, so straightforward in fact that you may miss how it is deceiving you:

 The summary of the video says the following:

Grace Youth and Family Foundation, one of thousands of faith based organizations that contribute a trillion dollars in services each year while serving their communities. They face giving up the very faith that drives them to serve or stop serving those who need it most

Have you guessed how this video is deceptive?

How about if I ask a simple question: how is this charity being forced to trade its faith for tax dollars? Or better yet, is this charity actually being forced to make a decision between its faith and tax dollars?

The video doesn't explain this and I'd wager that it is because this charity is in no such danger.

It's all about images.

You see, when organizations like the ADF push the idea of  "religious freedom," the image they seek to peddle are  that of noble charities and so-called moral individuals forced by the government to  abandon their personal beliefs for the money. They want to push images of upstanding Christians being forced to submit to the wishes of a so-called godless horde, be it bureaucratic or lgbt-oriented.

Organizations like the ADF don't want you to think about the lgbt families with their children or the lgbt youth who would be hurt by allowing people and businesses to discriminate against them.. They don't want you to think about the gay or lesbian couple who won't be able to get married because the clerk refuses to do his or her job while freely taking their tax dollars.

They don't want you to think of the possibility of the gay couple who could be denied fair treatment at hospitals if either of them or (shudder) any of their children are hurt because the registered nurse or the physician can pull the "religious freedom" card.

They don't want you to think about the significant ways lgbts lives could be disturbed by these "religious freedom" laws which would allow people to disrespect or devalue us while, in some cases, still taking our tax monies

This truth is what ADF and other like-minded organizations don't want you to know about. And the fact alone that they work so hard to hide this truth makes them worthy of being called  hate groups

'Anti-lgbt right blaming Obama & media for Flynn resignation' & other Wed. midday news briefs

I think that it's safe to assume that there is a small but satisfying degree of panic within the religious right that their "meal ticket to power," Donald Trump is in trouble.

The anti-lgbt hate group, the American Family Association is pointing the finger of blame at a supposed "evil conspiracy" for the recent resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Flynn was forced to resign after it was discovered that he was illegally communicating with Russia before Trump took office and lying about it.

But the American Family Association thinks the following:

And then there is this lovely gem in AFA's  phony news site, One News Now - A man named Flynn and a media feeding frenzy

It reads as such:

The media's gleeful reaction to Flynn's resignation has set off a firestorm of criticism from media watchdogs such as MRC and others who see a behind-the-scenes effort from Obama loyalists to damage the Trump administration. "The political assassination of Michael Flynn," a story written by Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake this week, describes an enemy of the Left who was targeted for retaliation – with other Trump loyalists targeted for the next round of attacks.

Lastly, there is this lovely statement courtesy of Bryan Fischer:

In other news:

What I Learned From ‘Gender Revolution’ - Katie Couric learns something we all need to learn.

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins doesn't think anti-lgbt persecution is a 'real human rights crisis' - My post from last night reminding folks that while the Family Research Council create phony cases of anti-Christian persecution, the organization doesn't think that persecution against the lgbt community, no matter where in the world, is a "real human rights crisis."

Gov. Cooper unveils HB2 repeal plan to lackluster LGBT reaction - Sorry, Gov. Cooper, but this "compromise" isn't going to cut it.

‘Donald Trump’s Think Tank’ admits ‘religious freedom’ means anti-LGBT discrimination - Because anti-lgbt organizations like The Heritage Foundation won't compromise  so why should we?