Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lord, if these are truly Your people called by Your name, then why do they lie so much?

Editor's note - Please keep my mother in your prayers as she is in the hospital for a surgical procedure today and tomorrow.

Also, Kevin McCullough responded to yesterday's post about him, ENDA, and Barack Obama. He says his claim that ENDA would make it difficult to fire a youth pastor found to be in inappropriate relationship with a young boy is correct. He says he consulted "three legal experts."

Read his response to my post and my response to him in the comments section of yesterday's post.

One News Now distorts a story- should we be surprised?

Usually in the case of gay/straight alliances in schools, the lgbt community has come out consistently on top.

However, we lost in a recent case.

And One News Now claims to know why:

Federal judge K. Michael Moore has said a Florida high school was within its rights when it banned a student-led pro-homosexual club.

That's the lead. Further down, the story says:

Also, David Gibbs, founder of the Christian Law Association, says a long-standing school policy helped administrators make the right decision. "The Okeechobee High School has a policy that bans all sex-based clubs. Any club that deals with sexual orientation or identity are [sic] not allowed. In this case, the students lost interest and the clubs dissolved, and the federal court recognized that there was no issue to continue pushing," Gibbs contends.

He also says the school board had a policy in place to teach abstinence. "School boards nationwide need to realize that they do have the opportunity to indeed act in the best interest of their students. And in this particular case, Okeechobee high school's decision to honor abstinence and stand against the promiscuity that is so encouraged in so many quarters of our land was honored by this federal court decision, completely dismissing the lawsuit that had been filed against them," Gibbs points out.

But neither of these assumptions are true. The article also says:

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Moore said since the student has already graduated, she is no longer affected by the school's decision to ban the club.

You got that? Judge Moore did not say the school was well within its rights to ban the gay/straight alliance. And also, that ridiculous explanation that the school's policy against "sex-based" clubs helped Moore to make this ruling is also a lie.

Judge Moore ruled that since the student (i.e. plantiff) has graduated, she is no longer affected by the school's policy, thereby making the lawsuit useless.

Perhaps One News Now feels that since they are fighting against the forces of the supposed gay agenda, little things like accuracy and news integrity are light casualties.