Thursday, May 15, 2008

California pisses off anti-gay industry - a new reason to love California

I'm not going to tell you anything that you haven't heard already.

Okay, maybe one thing:

California overturned the ban on gay marriage.

Naturally this has given the anti-gay industry huge fits.

I don't know what I enjoy more; the ruling or the reactions by our friends Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber.

Peter, it's none of your business how California lgbt couples will "consummate" their victory and frankly, I'm surprised you are thinking about such a thing.

You are nasty!!!

And you need Jesus!!!!

Not to be undone, Matt Barber said the following:

The decision, says Barber, could become a big campaign issue. Conservatives and Republicans around the country, he says, can thank the California Supreme Court for what he calls an "early Christmas present.

"They have been walking around feeling pretty dejected because of some these [recent] election results," observes CWA spokesman, "but I think this will motivate the base of the Republican Party and certainly conservatives around the country to vote for Republicans or Democrats who are prepared to stand up and defend traditional marriage."

I have no doubt that the anti-gay industry will try to use this victory to rally their troops in November.

But this election will not be about marriage equality. The war looms above us all, gas prices are high, and health care is a mess. Those are the issues people care about.

You know, issues that are not cosmetic. Issues that mean something.

Still though, I would love to see James Dobson and the rest make a 360 degree turn to support John McCain after calling him everything but the anti-Christ.

The ruling today trumps something that I discovered about One News Now.

Apparently the "news" site has eliminated the comments section.

Could it have been the fact that some lgbts (myself included) posted dignified but factual comments that served to counter the lies of Christian victimhood that One News Now likes to propagate?

Hmmmmm, could be (that's a lot funnier when Bugs Bunny says it).

Well at any rate, to quote the rapper Ice Cube:

Today was a good day!!