Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hateful video on youtube

From goodasyou.org comes this:

This video is clearly going to be pulled within hours, if not minutes. And that being the case, there are some of you who surely think we should just ignore rather than highlight it. However, we think it's very important for people to realize just how heated anti-gay bias still is among some American teens. The sort of heat that literally suggests gay people should be killed:

Is it wrong to be Gay? HELL YES IT IS!!!

You read that right. It is a nasty, vile video that needs to be gotten rid of. Expressing an anti-gay view is one thing. Advocating violence against lgbts (or any group of people) is just wrong.

Since I am a youtube member, I flagged the video and sent the authors a message telling them so. This is what I received as an answer:

pathetic a%* p#%(y who cant stand the fact that we're right.

How I hate to be beaten down with "intelligent repartee."

UPDATE - The video is gone!! Way to go, youtube.

Give it up, girlfriend!!!!

Elaine Donnelly seems to enjoy embarrassing herself.

Fresh from her recent humiliating performance in front of the Congressional committee looking at allowing gays to openly serve in the military, Donnelly posted the following mind-boggling piece of wannabe logic via our friend Peter LaBarbera:

I was prepared for and would have welcomed questions on the issue itself, but the unprofessional behavior of some members made serious discussion impossible.
All of this hostility actually proved the point I was trying to make: If Congress repeals the 1993 law stating that homosexuals are ineligible for military service, anyone who disagrees will face the presumption of “bigotry,” “homophobia,” or worse. Denied promotions will cause thousands of people to leave the volunteer force, or avoid it all together.

She is excluding a lot of her testimony, such as the part regarding gays and HIV or the alleged 1974 lesbian gang rape of a female soldier, or her claim about the transgender community.

Donnelly's attempts to play the victim can easily be refuted by anyone wanting to see the footage of her full testimony. She stunk, plain and simple.

I do like it when members of the anti-gay industry continuously run their heads into brick walls, but this is getting pathetic.

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for her.