Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From The Vancouver Sun - Tea Parties a HUGE FLOP

Read it first before Michelle Malkin and company accuse the Vancouver Sun of being in on the "Obama Conspiracy." I had to pinch myself when I read this article because I haven't seen any real journalism for so long with this being the age of pundits and soundbites.

Fox News-driven "tea parties" fail to ignite popular uprising among U.S. conservatives

A reportedly corporate-financed grassroots" anti-tax movement, paid for, planned and promoted by right wing think tanks, corporate lobbyists and Fox News Channel, has failed to bring about the "popular uprising" against the Obama administration its creators had hoped for.

The day of "tea parties" were pushed by Republican operatives and partisan advocacy groups such as FreedomWorks, a conservative advocacy group helmed by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey. Organizers sought to encourage protest over the Obama government's tax and stimulus policies by asking people to wave tea bags, but the national event brought about only a few hundred "tea-baggers" in most parts of the U.S., despite relentless promotion by Fox News TV hosts.

Participants had hoped to rally hundreds of thousands of people to begin a grassroots movement that would force Obama to change government policy. But the turn-out was far from what was hoped for, with most rallies looking decidedly on the small side, especially compared to the 2006 immigrants rights rallies or the 2004 pro-choice march on Washington, both of which attracted millions.

More here - you will get a kick about the part regarding the woman who fell in the river when trying to dump tea bags. Okay, maybe not because she is 68-years-old. I'm glad she was saved.
Teabagger calls President Obama a fascist (but doesn't know why he thinks Obama is a fascist)

I didn't catch Columbia, SC's teabagging event like I said I wouldn't. One more reason besides the two I mentioned was that I was afraid that I would have been the only black person there - and one black amongst a big group of whites on an area where the Confederate Flag hangs and where there also exists a statue celebrating the life of an open racist (Ben Tillman) is not necessarily where I want to be.

I'm not saying that the folks there would have been automatically racist or anything like that. I just hate awkward juxtapositions.

Anyway, if you carry anything away from this interesting moment in American history, let it be this video courtesy of Daily Kos.

It's perfect representation of the teabaggers:

I've said it once and I will say it again - sheep looks much better on a dinner plate than they do being led on a leash by Fox News and the rest of the right. No offense to you vegetarians.

By the way, check out that link at Daily Kos for more teabagging fun.
Wednesday midday news briefs

I am enduring this teabagging mess with the consulation that its message is slowly but surely being seen as astroturf nonsense.

And also by view of the cute guy in the library presently walking away from me. Ah yes I love the view.

Seriously though . . .

Anti-gay campaign did not grab Twitter and domain names - I know this has been covered before but a little more fun poking at the expense of NOM can never hurt.

Drag performer found dead in Fayetteville - My prayers go out to her family.

The Advocate interviews mom of 11-year-old who committed suicide over gay taunts - Tell me again why the Day of Silence is a bad idea . . .

Their blind eyes are DEAD wrong - Speaking of which, the organization at the center of this post, Capitol Resources Institute, was behind that hideously inaccurate piece by John R. Diggs, The Health Risks of Gay Sex.
Today is teabag day - be still my intestines

Editor's note - I've added four new entries to my anti-gay lies and liars time line to reflect incidents that have taken place thus far in 2009.

Today is the day where conseratves nationwide will give the wholesome act of teabagging a bad name.

This entire thing has driven me nuts. Let's be clear about it - this is not a protest against an unfair government but an attempt to undermine the Obama Administration before it really has a chance to fix the problems left by the Bush Administration.

The bullshit going around about how this is a spontaneous protest organized by Americans who are tired of an oppressive government is nonsense.

It's more of the same - people who won't admit that their side loss and whose egos are allowing them to be led by the nose by others with ulterior motives i.e. Dick Armey, Fox News, and the American Family Association.

And although I would love to go to the rally today in Columbia and count the signs that have the word "socialist" spelled wrong, I simply can't do it.

For one, I have a day time job and I work for what I want. And secondly, the reason why I won't attend the rally is the same reason why I won't watch Fox News - my mother raised me to have good sense.

Between you and me, however, I would've loved to attend the rally where Alan Keyes is speaking. From what I hear, organizers are letting him say whatever he wants.

That should be good for a few hundred laughs.