Monday, June 22, 2009

Mark Sanford is missing, SLDN protests, and Chick publications - this is a strange day

I'm working on getting the pictures for the 2009 SC Black Pride so that I can post them here. They should be posted in a few days.

However, two news items has just made this day very weird:

Sanford, missing since Thursday, reportedly located - I kid you not. This is a SERIOUS news story. As much as I can't stand the man and enjoyed seeing him with egg on his face in his continuing battle with the SC General Assembly, I hope this turns out to be nothing major.

SLDN to join protesters outside DNC gay fundraiser Thursday - When the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, the lead lgbt organization against the military's anti-gay policy is protesting the Democrats, you just know it's a big deal.

Hat tip to and Pams House Blend but only because you two beat me to the postings ;p

Now since the main purpose of this blog is to expose (and in some cases) laugh at religious right lies about the lgbt community, I thought that I would focus on what is becoming a favorite of mine - Chick Publication comics.

If you think the last thing I posted coming from them was homophobic, then check out these clips from Doom Town.

Chick Publications calls this comic a "compassionate plea" against homosexuality.

I call it a hot mess.

It's ironic that members of the religious right accuse lgbts of manipulating the Bible for our own purposes when sometimes they are guilty of the same thing.

I don't recall anything about "gay pedophilia" being in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nor do I recall the other stuff present in the comic being in the Bible.

The entire comic is here if you want to see it. That is if the clips posted below don't make you sick:

Monday midday news briefs

No trouble at gay rights march, despite protests - While lgbts of color were having fun in the capital city, other lgbts in Upstate South Carolina was holding their first march. My hat goes off to them cause they had to deal with a lot of nonsense.

Petition effort questioned - Apparently those pushing the petition against marriage equality in Maine are allegedly using deceptive tactics. Color me surprised.

JoeMyGod's White Gay People's Pride Guide: Who's Missing? - Michael Petrelis brings up a very good point about the lgbt community. Now watch how quick he gets jumped on because of it.

The face of the LGBT movement and the mainstream media: tackling the diversity problem - Pam Spaulding wrote in the very same issue a day before Petrelis. Her take on it is equally excellent.

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Tell Senator DeMint to stop lying about hate crimes legislation

SC Black Pride 2009 is over. It was a huge success on so many levels and my soul has been lifted to the highests degree. My feet and head, however are another story. I am physically burnt out. But it was for a good cause so I have a smile on my face.

One more thing - I was blessed to receive the 2009 Audre Lorde/James Baldwin Civil Rights Activist Award from SC Black Pride. If you don't know who Audre Lorde and James Baldwin were, then you don't know your lgbt history. Look it up folks!

On the flipside of this good news emanating from South Carolina Black Pride comes the discovery that my senator, Jim DeMint, is trying to become the point man for the fight against hate crimes legislation. Recently, he sent out a letter to various religious leaders and pastors which repeats all sorts of inaccuracies about hate crimes legislation. Click on picture below to read the letter.

There are so many problems with DeMint's letter:

- NO PASTOR IS IN DANGER OF BEING ARRESTED FOR TEACHING THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG. Now if a pastor tells congregates to go out and harm an lgbt and someone takes that advice to heart, then the pastor can be arrested and charged. Hate crimes legislation has nothing to do with violating free speech.

- If Senator DeMint believes that all violent crimes are hateful then why isn't he speaking against hate crimes legislation that already exists in the cases of race and religion.

- But the worst thing about his letter is when he tells pastors to go to the Family Research Council's webpage to learn more about hate crimes legislation. That's like telling someone to go on a white supremacist webpage in order to learn more about African-American history. The Family Research Council, from its very inception, goes out of its way to be inaccurate about laws dealing with lgbt rights and lgbt lives even to the point of using outdated data and repeating the discredited studies of Paul Cameron.

I've never been disappointed in Senator DeMint. I have, however, remained disappointed in the citizens of my state for electing such a charlatan to public office. There is nothing wrong with adhering to a position of personal belief. But DeMint has become a living, breathing embodiment of what's really wrong with the religious right - self-righteous, hypocritical, willing to lie with a smile on your face because of the belief that you are serving a purpose higher than that of man's laws.

This page tells you how to contact Senator DeMint's office via email.

This page tells you how to reach Senator DeMint's office via phone.

Tell Senator DeMint to stop lying about hate crimes legislation.

I've already written my letter.

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