Monday, December 16, 2013

Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber praises foreign countries for their anti-gay persecution

Reasonable people would get alarmed when they hear about anti-gay persecution and violence in foreign countries such as Jamaica and Russia.

I guess that would leave the Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber out:

. . . there has been, of late, great weeping and gnashing of teeth among mainstream media – and other circles of intolerant “tolerance” – over successful efforts by several foreign governments to stem the tide of “LGBT” propaganda within their own sovereign borders. Russia, India, Croatia, Peru, Jamaica and even Australia, for instance, along with other nations, are now moving to inoculate themselves from the fast-metastasizing cancer of sexual relativism. Having witnessed, from afar, the poisonous results of such propaganda here in the U.S. (the hyper-sexualization of children, the deconstruction of natural marriage and family, the rampant spread of sexually transmitted disease, religious persecution and the like), there seems an emerging global recognition that the radical “LGBT” agenda – a pet cause of Obama’s – is not about securing “human rights,” but, rather, is about promulgating moral wrongs.

 How ironically sad that Barber praises countries who persecute lgbts such as Russia days after Russian sitcom star Ivan Okhlobystin made the shocking comment of throwing gays in ovens:

“I would put all the gays alive into an oven,” the one-time Orthodox priest has been quoted as saying. “This is Sodom and Gomorrah! As a religious person, I cannot be indifferent about it because it is a real threat to my children!” Okhlobystin later tweeted to confirm his comments. “The meaning was rendered correctly,” he said. “Everyone has the right to express their opinions.”

I'm certainly not accusing Matt Barber of having the same genocidal desires of Okhlobystin when it comes to gays, but he does come across as extremely tone deaf. I would hope that he publicly opposes those awful comments with as much fervor as he supports the environment which would give someone the audacity to make such comments.

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Mary Cheney speaks out against effort to hinder marriage equality in Indiana

Mary Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, seems to be stepping up her efforts in speaking out for marriage equality via a recent speech against a proposed anti-marriage equality amendment in Indiana.

The irony here? Her sister, Liz Cheney, is running for a Senate seat in Congress against incumbent Mike Enzi and she has made public her opposition to marriage equality.

The larger irony? Many, if not all political observers and pundits, credit the huge push against marriage equality as a major factor for Bush and Cheney's 2004 election victory.

Now some folks will commence with their negative talk. I say "better late than never" when it comes to Mary Cheney being a vocal ally for marriage equality. There is a time and a place for all things and right now, attacking Mary Cheney for her past silence simply isn't wise.

Pictures courtesy of Buzzfeed. To see the video of Cheney's speech, go to Buzzfeed.